How to Play in No Limit Poker Cash Games. Adjusting Your Game

How to Play in No Limit Poker Cash Games. Adjusting Your Game

How to Play in No Limit Poker Cash Games. Adjusting Your Game

While the point of IDN POKER is to make money, that definition doesn’t apply to cash poker. You want to play poker well and bring your best hand. However, in cash games, you need to be more aggressive and make sure you get your money in when you have the best hands. You are only risking your money and not tournament chips.

Waiting for the strike to occur is the best way to play No Limit Hold’em cash games at full tables. Wait, wait and wait again before you put your money in the pot. When you sit down at the table for the first time, you might only want to move your money until you have the best preflop hands possible, such as AA, KK and QQ.

This tactic works because most poker novices love the game and donate their money to every hand they play. Because they are used to seeing WSOP tournaments on TV, where the action is constant, they will force cash games. Cash Games have completely different circumstances than Tournaments, so you can’t play in the same way as you would in a Sit N Go or tournament.

Tournaments and Sit-N-Gos have blinds that increase at regular intervals. This gives you the chance to be blinded out. When they are short-stacked, you will see top pros go all in on pocket pairs and Ax. Because they only show the action, WPT and World Series Of Poker televised events can also be misleading. The audience won’t be entertained by the hours spent folding, folding, folding. Instead, they will only show the highlights and the table with the highest blinds. This forces players to take action.

The fish are new players who flock to cash game tables hoping for action. They end up forcing the action which is a major No No in No Limit Cash Games. Wait for the action to happen to you and then check raise and trap more of your opponents. The top four hands before the flop are worth raising when you play at a full table. I would not limp in with hands such as AQ, AJ, or JJ unless it was late position or I was quite comfortable at the table. The point is to not get attached to any one card and to only make a strong hand to get your money in.

You may find yourself with a few runners after hitting the flop. In these cases, there are often people drawing straights or flushes. Unless you have the nuts, you will want to place a pot-sized bet to punish those who draw. Cash Games are not a place to give away free cards.

The best way to win No Limit Hold Em Cash Games, is to wait patiently until you have very strong hands. 2 pair, Trips, Flush etc. Before you put your money into the pot. You will be successful in the long-term if you are patient and focused enough to wait until your hands are premium.

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