Here are the top reasons why Conversion Rate Experts are a better investment than SEO, SMM or Content Marketing.

Here are the top reasons why Conversion Rate Experts are a better investment than SEO, SMM or Content Marketing.

Here are the top reasons why Conversion Rate Experts are a better investment than SEO, SMM or Content Marketing.

Conversion rate specialists are the only Internet Marketing professionals you can hire that are 100% focused on increasing your online profits. You are selling yourself something that will increase your online sales. This is a big risk for a tight budget in online marketing. Conversion rate experts do more than just boost online sales and qualify leads. They also generate a huge and growing ROI that is comparable to SEO, SMM and PPC. Here’s how:

CRO experts eliminate non-converting keywords and reduce marketing spend

You will need to pay more traffic to increase sales, whether you’re using SEO, Content Marketing or PPC. You might be lucky enough to make $5,000 in sales, but the results will soon fade after the investment ends. Conversion rate experts won’t cost you a penny more than your marketing budget. CRO specialists will identify all non-converting keywords and remove them from your paid traffic stream. Many times, 40% to 60% of PPC budgets is wasted on keywords that are not converting. Multiply those savings over 12 months to quickly see how conversion rate experts can generate such a high ROI relative to other Internet Marketing Options.

Experts in CRO Optimization Optimize Primary Sales and Landing Pages

Split testing website is the most common way that landing, product or sales pages can be optimised. Split testing is a poor method of optimising a primary conversion page. It is the final step in the optimization process. To optimize sales and landing pages, conversion rate experts use heat mapping software such Clicktale. Heat mapping analysis relies on the scrolling behavior of visitors, with each visit being recorded. These visitor recordings are combined into one heat map which can be used to identify direct response copywriting issues and web design problems. Instead of scrapping a product page or sales page and starting over, CRO professionals will fix the problem and keep the rest of the content. This reduces testing time, is more efficient, and is much more effective than website split testing.

CRO experts make changes that continue to deliver increased sales and ROI

Pay-per-click advertising is a way to make sales. If you stop paying clicks, your sales will also cease. While the drop-off is slower for SEO, SMM and Content Marketing, it’s not hard to see how engagement and rankings will decline shortly after your investment ends. CRO professionals, however, can make permanent changes to copywriting, web design, or web programming that will increase your conversion rate. These increased online conversions won’t stop unless you make changes to your copywriting, web design, and programming. It is not exaggerated to state that CRO experts continue to deliver a higher ROI than SEO, SMM or Content Marketing.

The Drawbacks

Conversion rate experts are the best choice for website owners who want to make the most of their investment dollars and get the highest ROI. Conversion rate optimization has three potential drawbacks, but that’s just to be fair.

Experts in CRO do not increase your traffic:Every website must grow and improve their traffic streams to make money. Conversion rate optimization experts may temporarily increase your overall sales based on your traffic levels. However, this will not lead to long-term revenue growth.
Higher ROI and More Traffic for Websites with Less Than 1,000 Visitors per Week:Conversion rate experts generate a significantly lower ROI than websites with more visitors. Conversion rate optimization services will yield a higher ROI for websites that are more complex. For smaller websites, however, even doubling conversion rates may not be enough to generate sufficient sales volume to justify the cost of optimization.
CRO Requires Historical Traffic Data: For newer websites, or those that have not been actively tracking their website traffic, CRO simply is not possible. Conversion rate experts might not be able identify all problems if they do not have visitor data that goes back at least 2000 visitors.

Conversion rate experts may be able to generate the best ROI, but it has limitations and can’t replace or diminish the need of SEO, SMM and Content Marketing.

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