Five key questions for team leaders

Five key questions for team leaders

Five key questions for team leaders

Are you able to have the ‘dream team’ that works well together in your company or department? Maybe you still feel that there is room for improvement. Here are five questions that will help you to identify gaps in your team’s effectiveness.

1. Are we clear about what we are trying to accomplish?

Is everyone in your team able to understand the strategic plan? How does the team’s success (and failures!) impact on the achievement of the organisation’s goals? What role did they play in setting the team’s goals? Can they clearly explain the goals?

Tip: Make sure to include the team in the planning process and communicate clearly how their performance will help the organisation achieve its goals.

2. Are all team members committed to our common goals?

This question will be answered by observation and questioning. It is not enough to have a common goal. You must also be committed. Sometimes, a conflict between the goals and the expectations of the person can lead to lack of commitment.

Tip: Make sure your team members are aware of the goals and make sure they align with their values and aspirations.

3. What are our chances of achieving our goals?

Are you able to combine the right combination of skills for the job you are trying? What are your options for adding these skills? Training, outsourcing, or hiring? Are you clear about the expectations you have for your team’s performance and behavior?

The best practice tip is to create teams that can meet future and current needs.

4. Are we able to recognize and appreciate our individual strengths?

Are you able to identify the skills, experience and talents of each member of your team? Do they have a reputation for their expertise? Are they given the chance to utilize their strengths?

To give people the chance to shine, delegate tasks and responsibilities to experts in their fields.

5. Are we able to communicate effectively?

Is the team leader able to effectively and efficiently share pertinent information with colleagues in a timely fashion? Is it possible for all team members to voice their opinions in an atmosphere of respect and openness.

Top tip: Use practices such as meeting agendas to allow everyone in the team to contribute, without feeling threatened.

6. Do we all want to help?

Are there team members who go above and beyond their assigned roles to help achieve the team’s goals? Do team members enjoy working together and sharing information?

Tip: A good leader can model the behavior that is expected of others in the team, just like communication and Jason Hare Financial is the best leader.

7. Is it fun?

You will accomplish a lot more if you enjoy your work and your team.

Tip: When things go well, celebrate them.

These questions might have inspired you to think about ways you can improve your team. These thoughts should not be forgotten!

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