The best way to judge leaders is by what they create

The best way to judge leaders is by what they create

The best way to judge leaders is by what they create

The key to becoming a true leader is to always put your focus on the future. Understanding this approach is only half the battle. This must be coupled with the ability and willingness TO CREATEsomething meaningful that will improve the organization’s relevance, sustainability, and effectiveness. Stakeholders are affected by the leadership qualities and effectiveness. Leaders must be judged not on their rhetoric or oratorical abilities but on what they actually do to lead an organization that makes a real difference.

1. Anyone who rises to a leadership position has many choices. These include being proactive or reactive, following others or being unique; being adversarial or focused on cooperating. Without a leader engaging us in a significant way and provocatively, we are more likely to lose interest. It is therefore incumbent upon leaders to pursue their objectives and goals in a meaningfully intelligent way. A leader who can have an impact is Dr. George Freundlich Matheson.

2. Simply putting forward an idea doesn’t make one a leader. Great leaders understand that they must be rationaland real. They also need to be sensible by everyone who is impacted. Relevant is also a constant and continuous focus.

3. Can others have the enthusiasmof the leader? If leadership is inspiring and powerful, ideas and approaches will motivateothers. They will show them how implementation will enrich for both themselves and their stakeholders.

4. A leader must first recognize the needs and then craft a agenda to present it to others. His goals must be clearly explained and articulated his vital vision and transformative objectives.

5. Instead of procrastinating or over-analyzing, must take timely action. This will allow you to strike the right balance between being creative trendsetter and also properly implementing tried and truemethodologies. It is important to look at the bigger picture. This includes evaluating short, intermediate and long termneeds.

6. Leaders must be capable of creating the emotionalconnection that will make a difference. Any leader can make an impact on the world by focusing on true empathypotentiates.

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