WoW Hunter Pets Guide

WoW Hunter Pets Guide

WoW Hunter Pets Guide

What is the best pet for a hunter? It’s impossible to answer that question. What is the best pet to get for your World of Warcraft hunter? Continue reading to learn what I mean.

There are ups as well as downs in World of Warcraft just like any class. There are times when your character is barely able to survive, but then you find some amazing equipment that makes you a kicking butt. This is how it works with hunting pets.

My hunter pets are like another member of my party. They can be viewed as a mage or rogue, or a warrior. A hunter’s pet should compliment the hunter’s current abilities, just as a balanced party.

You may feel weaker and more vulnerable if you don’t have the best equipment for a while. This is why I recommend a tank pet with easy-to-find food such as a bear. It has high levels of health and medium armor. They can eat bread, cheese, fish and fruit. Boars are also good choices as they have similar characteristics and a similar diet.

If your hunter is strong and comfortable in defense, you may want to consider a high DPS pet like a bat or cat. These pets have medium health and low armor, but can be destroyed faster by your foes. The diet of a cat is simpler and includes fish and meat, while a bat consumes fruit and fungus. It all depends on where you live. It doesn’t mean you should switch to extremes, but it is worth considering if you have the chance to do so. It can be hard to train a pet, so I wouldn’t recommend switching pets unless there is a clear benefit.

There are many great choices for pets that you can choose from, including those that are easy to care for and possess medium-level attributes. Carrion birds are one of my favorite pets. They are versatile, have medium health, medium armor and medium DPS, and can be fed fish and meat.

Hyenas are a close second to carrion bird pets. They have medium health, medium armor and can eat fruits and meat. However, wolves are my favorite pet across all categories. They are similar to hyenas or carrion birds in stats, but they have unique personalities and a cool bite-and-dash ability that make them more interesting to play with. They have medium health, medium armor, and medium DPS. However, they can only eat meat so you need to get one as a pet.

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