Review of Maybelline Foundation

Review of Maybelline Foundation

Review of Maybelline Foundation

I love Maybelline products. They are my favorite products. how to pick best Maybelline for your skin makes up about 80% of my drugstore makeup. I’ve tried many of their foundations, and I decided to review the four foundations in my collection. Since the beginning of the review, I have been switching between the foundations I am going to review. It’s a great feeling!

1. Maybelline 24HR Makeup

This foundation was, I believe, one of my very first. The packaging is terrible. The foundation is almost finished when it is finished. There is no way to get the rest of the product at the bottom. It doesn’t provide full coverage and, even for my shade (Natural Beige in Maybelline foundations), it was very light and didn’t match my skin tone. It doesn’t wear off quickly and you don’t have to touch it up.

2. Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

This was not a purchase I made for the sake of it looking cool. It’s so cool! It was so cool! This foundation is not my favorite. It provides very little coverage and is difficult to apply. It sprays as a foam and can become a bit messy if not applied to the face immediately. It has been a while since I bought it and I haven’t touched it since. Maybelline is not one of my favourite foundations.

3. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

This foundation is a favorite of mine. Although I don’t use it often, it is the foundation I choose to spice up my foundation routine. It has a strange texture. It clumps slightly and appears darker on the skin than what is in the jar. As I mentioned, this foundation is very dark for me. This foundation is best used in the summer, when my skin is very tanned. I can easily blend it in. It provides good coverage, and has a matte finish that will last. This one is not recommended for those who prefer a more dewy look.

4. Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

This foundation is my favorite. I’ve tried many foundations from MAC to NARS, Cover Girl to every other brand and none provide the same level of coverage or glide as this one. I would weep if they discontinued it. I would then go out and purchase 500. This is how much I love the product. This foundation is my favorite. This foundation leaves your skin with a lovely dewy finish. It is easy to mix with liquid highlighters, provides great coverage, and has excellent staying power. This one is very concentrated. Although the color matches my foundation color, I tend to go one shade darker in summer because I am usually more tanned. This foundation is affordable and it lasts for a long time. This foundation looks great when used with a highlighter in the spring and summer. Try it today!


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