Hearts, Cricket and Migraines. Rugby, bong da truc tuyen World Cup, and MANDELA

Hearts, Cricket and Migraines. Rugby, bong da truc tuyen World Cup, and MANDELA

Hearts, Cricket and Migraines. Rugby, bong da truc tuyen World Cup, and MANDELA

Mandela (Madiba)

An historic day. An unforgettable day. Nelson Mandela’s release from prison was the day. The day South Africa became a household name was that day. History was rewritten that day. (I’m terrible at dates so forgive me for not being able to remember the exact date, but the images are still fresh).

Nelson Mandela was a giant on the international stage. He was a man of integrity and dignity, and a man who cared deeply about the people. He had every reason to hate and blame him, but instead he was there to build a beautiful South African future.

There was no Bush, Clinton, Queen, or Prince who did more to unify South Africa and the rest of the world.

Some South Africans tried to “hate” him (more dislike) for political reasons. But he made it so difficult. He is still the father of South Africans, a statesman at 90 and closer to 91 years old (18 July 2009). He was the man who popularized long-sleeved shirts in South Africa. Also, he introduced us to a unique dance called the Madiba Jive.

Madiba united us everywhere he went. The country watched 1995’s rugby world cup together and celebrated in the streets with South Africa’s Springboks victory. Madiba magic brought the Madiba magic to the sporting fields around the globe. Although I wasn’t a big fan of bong da truc tuyen the feeling of unity that I felt watching that historic game in 1996 when South Africa (Bafana Bafana), won the African Cup of Nations was something that made me a believer.

He will one day be gone (that is, South Africa and the rest of the world will stop moving), but he will not be GONE. Obama, you have some decisions to make.

If you want to feel the Madiba magic, and the Madiba jive then Sout Africa is the place for you.

MADIBA, Long Live!

Soccer World Cup 2010

Danny Jordaan, you made us very proud. I can’t even describe the feelings of joy, warmth and pride I felt when South Africa was announced as the winning bidder for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. South Africans can trust that God is with them. You did an amazing job. I am sure you have many sleepless nights, but every challenge is a chance to show the world that we are on the right track. It was confirmation that everything is on schedule when I saw the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium almost complete on the news.

After the world cup, you are entitled to a year of paid vacation. To make sure it happens, I will need to talk to Reverend Kenneth Meshoe (the next president of the nation).

Bafana Bafana now is your chance to shine. In 1996, you proved to us that you were a force to be reckoned with. Yes, we were in a very dark period but you restored our faith. You can just take it one game at a time and place South Africa first. Rev Meshoe won’t grant you a year of vacation if you win, because FIFA and the Premier Soccer League will fight him tooth-and-nail. However, I do know that you will be able to receive some very large bonuses.

Is there any pressure? No pressure. Can’t help but dream. Go out and do us proud.
You have the opportunity to play against the best in soccer with the Confederations Cup just a few months away. Make the most of this opportunity.

My only issue with the 2010 soccer World Cup is that while we asked God to bless us with the bidding, we never thanked Him when we were declared the winners. We need to rectify this soon. South Africa will be more blessed when God blesses us.

Father, thank you.

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