Four Tips For Buying Chinchilla Wheels

Four Tips For Buying Chinchilla Wheels

Four Tips For Buying Chinchilla Wheels

Chinchillas require lots of exercise. One of the most effective methods to achieve this is to place wheels in their cages. There are a few aspects you must be aware of when purchasing chinchilla wheel. This article will offer some tips.


One of the most important factors to be considered when purchasing one of the wheels is the dimension. Many users are aware of exercise wheels that are used by Hamsters. They’re not suitable to be used with chinchillas since they’re not big enough. It is recommended to use a chinchilla that’s at minimum 14 inches in size. More expansive ones are preferred. This allows the chin to fully stretch, which will lessen the strain on the spine.


It is also important to consider the kind of material the is constructed of. There are two options to consider: plastic and metal. It’s recommended to pick the metal model. As previously mentioned the ideal wheel is a bit big. Due to its larger volume and weight, a wheel made of plastic tends to be less robust. Chins also love to chew on plastic, and they’ll easily damage any wheel made of it.


One of the primary aspects to consider is the construction of the wheel. There shouldn’t be any gaps in the surface where the chinchilla’s run. The tail or feet of the chinchilla could become stuck in one of the gaps, causing a lot of harm. A few chins have had be amputated in their legs because of this. Thus, you must ensure that the region where the chin is located is secure.


Chinchilla wheels can be quite expensive. It’s likely that you’d be disappointed when you spend your money on one only to find that your chin was not happy. However, most aren’t going to show any immediate enthusiasm for exercise wheels. Once they get familiar with it, he could use it every day. Give him time to adjust to his new surroundings.

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